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In this economy, maintaining a healthy stream of sales is the only way your company is going to survive. However, many individuals and smaller businesses are cutting back on their expenses, even though the products or services they are cutting might be essential to their success. Wasting time chasing leads that are dead ends is something you have to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, it can be hard to stay on top of the leads, account status, and necessary sales action when you're dealing with an entire team of sales representatives.

The need for an Account Status and Action Plan Template

All good business owners and managers spend time talking with their sales team about important accounts and leads that they need to follow up with. The most frustrating thing is to walk into your sales representative's office, and have them fumble around for a few minutes looking for the most up to date information about a new or existing account. What you need is a simple, easy to share organizational document that will let you see where these accounts stand at a glance, and allow you to recognize your team for staying on top of their clients.

What is an Account Status and Action Plan Template?

Even in the age of computers and mobile devices, information about important clients can be lost, misplaced, or forgotten. This Account Status and Account Action Plan Template is designed to be operated easily with your existing Microsoft Excel program. When you open it, you'll see that the template makes it easy to organize account names, regions, and current status. By assigning a lettered ranking to each account, you can quickly see what the action plan is for each client that your team is working with.

You could spend hours each day printing costly paper documents, and making corrections to account status reports based on how a client is feeling on that particular day. Or, you could use this easy to edit template to track the account status and create an action plan that your sales representatives can follow with confidence. Maintaining a steady level of sales is essential to the growth of your business, and with this template, you'll never have to feel like you're losing track of your clients again. Your executives will be impressed when you use the Account Status and Account Action Plan Template to provide a high level report on the status of key accounts.


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Account Status and Action Plan Template – Prioritize Your Sales Team

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This article was published on 2010/09/16